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Debbie J. Palmer
P.O. Box 1877
New York, NY 10156


Baggladies by Debbie J. Palmer
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Calling all slingbacked sweeties, your days of obsessive searching are over - the coolest of the cool in cosmetic kits has arrived. Introducing Bagg Ladies, makeup kits that are pre-packaged by personality. A light-hearted, whimsical approach to beauty, each Bagg Ladies kit includes a complete color look that is befitting one of four fun loving divas. Makeup made easy, friendly and playful, these hot, new kits are sure to be all the rage. 

Bagg Ladies is your ticket out of a mad, mad, makeup world. Available in four distinct personalities, the Bagg Ladies bevy of beauties let you decide which glam lady you want most to be. Play it safe and select your Bagg Lady twin. Take a walk on the wild side with your alter ego sister. Let loose, throw caution to the wind and dare to mix the fab four. Remember - there are no rules with these cheeky chics. 





Bianca Pucci


Each va-va-voom vixen is packaged in a gotta-have-it, gotta-grab-it, bodacious bagg. From your baby blues to your twinkling toes, Bagg Ladies is the fix for what you makeup junkies crave. Each bagg boasts 2 enticing eye shadows, 2 luscious lip glosses, and 2 notorious nail colors.

At first blush, you may think that the Bagg Ladies are content to just stand around and look pretty. Well that's simply not true. Their outsides may be fun and fab, but these brilliant beauties know it's what's on the inside that truly counts. They demand first class quality when it comes to their cosmetics - only ingredients of the highest caliber will do for these precious princesses.

Of course four can be tones of fun, but for a hopping Bagg Ladies bash you need a whole swinging sorority. Never fear: Additional sassy sisters are on their way.

Whether you're 15 or 50, a biker babe or a seasoned fashionista - you want it, you need it, you've got to have ...Bagg Ladies.